Access the Programme “Publish for Free. 2019”

Supporting scholars in disseminating their research is a priority to us.
In the spirit of collaboration and openness, all manuscripts accepted by our editors, up to 200 pages (A4, in black-and-white) and formatted according to our guidelines are liable to benefit from this programme.

a fast and efficient publishing process
advices and help regarding text formatting and layout
personalised book covers
one complimentary copy, in print format, for the author
one complimentary copy sent to the British Library
substantial discounts for all titles available on our website
substantial royalty schemes
up to 10 e-copies sent to learned journals, at the recommendation of the author / editors
completion of the publishing process in up to four months
social media promotion, as well as through newsletters and catalogues
The books are published in print format and featured in various databases, world-wide online booksellers (such as Amazon) and in our online shop.

At the author's request, the manuscript can be published in additional formats. However, for the e-book version, the author will be asked to pay a small “ISBN attribution” fee. Proposals for other formats could imply different costs.
We provide, free of charge:

"London Academic Publishing" welcomes submissions of original manuscripts that fit our subject areas of interest.
We publish monographs, critical editions, curriculum-based textbooks, edited collections, proceedings of international conferences and high-quality dissertations (in the section “Young Researchers").
Resources for authors
Access the programme
"Publish for Free. 2019"
Access the programme
"Publish for Free. 2019"
Access the programme
"Publish for Free. 2019"
Marketing your work

We will begin promoting your volume before the scheduled publication. Each book will benefit from a personalised marketing strategy, depending on its targeted specialised and non-specialised audience, carried out through conventional and electronic channels. This could imply: including the volume into various promotional materials, catalogues, databases, mailing lists, online bookstores and social media announcements. You will receive more information from your editor, with whom you will discuss any other ideas and suggestions you might have.
What's next?
The Review Process

After submission, you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail. Then, the manuscript will be sent to a commissioning editor, who will review it according to our academic and editorial criteria. Our response time is quick, so we will contact you back with a decision within 4 weeks.
The Publishing Process

Once the publishing agreement is signed, your designated editor will assist you in preparing the manuscript and advise you on the various technical issues that may arise along the way.  The book, in print format, will be available within four months.

After publication, your editor will discuss with you about promoting your book, so that it gets a high impact within the academic community.
The guidelines below will help you in preparing the final form of your manuscript.
The guidelines below will help you in preparing the final form of your manuscript.

Guidelines for prospective authors

Publication ethics

All authors are asked to consider the following Guidelines for Best Practice:
To submit a proposal, please fill the document below, then email it to us, in .docx or .pdf format, at
Proposal submission form
Submission Guidelines

The proposal should include:
A short abstract (2 pages)
The anticipated length of the manuscript
The date of completion
The table of contents
A CV of the author(s) /editor(s)
One or two sample chapters (except for the Introduction and

Editorial policy flexible in terms of audience and format

For proposals that exceed the limitations of the Programme "Publish for Free. 2019", as well as for e-books, CD-books, art albums, papers in open access or other academic goods that involve high production costs, use our online contact form, or  write an e-mail to us, at We will gladly send you back a quote.

We are willing to adapt our offers for manuscripts that are part of research grants, in order to comply with the policy of the founder. Contact us for more information.

*As an academic press, we publish manuscripts of authors that hold relevant degrees or positions in order for the scientific quality to be granted. However, we will also consider proposals submitted by independent specialists, if they bring original and relevant  contributions in the field.
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